Animal Control / Animal Shelter

The Town of Guilderland's Animal Control Department is responsible for a number of duties Town-wide, including:

  • Educating the public about the spaying and neutering of pets.
  • Enforcing all relevant sections of the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law and Local Laws for the Town of Guilderland.
  • Guarding the public against animals running at large.
  • Ensure that pets are appropriately licensed and that shots are current.
  • Maintaining a modern and humane animal shelter facility.
  • Removing injured or dead animals from Town roadways.
  • Securing well-screened loving homes for orphaned animals.
  • Working proactively to reunite lost pets with their owners.

The Animal Control Department conducts its operations from the Richard Murray Animal Shelter at 6363 French's Mill Road in Guilderland Center. The Animal Shelter was fully renovated and upgraded in 2006, utilizing a combination of Town funds and private-sector donations, including 400 tiles purchased by area supporters that grace its walls.

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