My staff and I welcome you! Our office is here to assist you with the assessment policies and procedures governed by the New York State Real Property Tax Law.

Our department is responsible for determining and maintaining assessments, property inventory, ownership, and mapping of over 13,000 parcels. On average over 1,000 deeds are processed yearly by our office. Our staff provides this information to taxpayers, appraisers, bankers, realtors, attorneys, and others.

Our office also receives copies of all building permits issued by the Town and the Village of Altamont. The assessor then completes a field review of each permit and evaluates each of these permits for either inventory or assessment changes.

We pride ourselves on providing friendly service for each and every individual. For tax information, please view the Receiver of Taxes department.

Please Note: Any materials submitted to the town with an informal OR grievance become town property. Please make photocopies.

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