Exemption Information

Property Owners Exemption Availability

  • Agriculture
  • Alternative Veterans
  • Basic Star (Income limit $250,000 for exemption, $500,000 for Star Credit through NYS Tax and Finance)
  • Business
  • Clergy
  • Disability (Income limit $58,400)
  • Enhanced Senior Star (Income limit $98,700)
  • Senior Citizens (Income limit $58,400)
  • Wholly Exempt

Persons 65 Years of Age

(Or who will be 65 years of age this year)

Senior Citizen Low-Income Property Tax Exemption

Persons whose annual total income is less than $58,400 may qualify for a partial property tax exemption, based upon their 2022 income. An application must be filed by March 1. Income includes pension, social security, bank interest and dividends, and all other income. It is necessary to provide proof of the following: Age, ownership, residency, and 2022 income. All owners must sign the forms.

Star Program (School Tax Relief Program)

Homeowners may be eligible for a school property tax relief on their primary residence only. The STAR credit or exemption applies only to the school district tax, not to other property taxes such as county, town, or city. To receive a new STAR credit, you must register with NYS Tax and Finance at 518-457-2036 or at the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance website. If you already have a STAR exemption you may file an application for an Enhanced STAR exemption and the Income Verification Program form with the Town Assessor who is located in the Guilderland Town Hall. The "enhanced" program is available to persons 65 years of age and older with adjusted gross income for 2022 under $98,700. To receive the Enhanced STAR exemption on your next School Tax bill, you must file by March 1. For additional information, please contact the Town of Guilderland Assessor's Office at 518-356-1980.

Please call the Assessor's Office for information on Veterans or Disability exemptions.

The last day for filing applications in any given year is March 1st to view the various forms, instructions, and commonly asked questions, visit the New York State Office of Real Property Service website.