• Timely payment of property taxes is the responsibility of the property owner/s.
  • As per New York State Real Property Tax Law, the Receiver of Taxes may not waive interest.
  • For mail-in payments, interest will be determined by the official United States Postal Service postmark date. Online bank payment services do not use United States postmarks. Metered mail, foreign postmarks, private carrier, or other mail service deliveries will be considered postmarked on the date received.
  • If your payment arrives after the interest-free due date, the interest charge will be due on your bill.
  • To show proof of a timely tax payment when using the United States Postal Service, we suggest that the taxpayer use certified mail, return receipt requested.
  • As per New York State Real Property Tax Law, failure to receive a tax bill "shall not in any way affect the validity of the taxes or interest."
  • Taxes paid by check are subject to collection.
  • Due to "Check 21" payments clear sooner, please ensure you have good funds in your checking account when you make your payment.
  • Please be advised that Guilderland Town Law provides a "returned item" fee of $20.00 per check. Checks that are returned in the collection's interest period will be assessed the interest charge and the returned item service charge.