Marriage Officiant Information

Town of Guilderland Marriage Officiant

Heather Weinhold
Guilderland Town Hall
Phone: 518-356-1980, ext. 1026
Email Heather Weinhold

One-Day Marriage Officiant

  • Download and complete the One Day Marriage Officiant Application (PDF).
  • Designation of one-day marriage officiant.
  • The town clerk or deputy town clerk shall issue a one-day marriage officiant designation to laypersons
  • Over the age of eighteen (18), regardless of state residence, who intend to perform a marriage solemnization ceremony within New York state.
  • Such designations shall only be issued after an applicant remits a completed application form and fee.
    • The application form requires the names, addresses, and birth dates of the parties to be married as they appear on the application for a marriage license that will be or was issued by the Town of Guilderland's Town Clerk (or Deputy Town Clerk) and will include the exact date and place of the solemnization.
    • The completed application and fee of ($25) must be received by the Guilderland Town Clerk's Office at least fourteen days before the date of the ceremony.
    • The clerk's office shall notify the applicant of approval of such designation no later than seven days before the date of the marriage ceremony stated on the application.
    • Such designations shall only be valid for the ceremony stated on the application and shall expire upon completion of such solemnization.