Recycling Information

In accordance with the Town of Guilderland Recycling Law (PDF), the following materials must be separated and recycled:

Newspapers, Magazines / Junk Mail, Books

Newsprint with inserts is acceptable loose or in a plastic bag. Magazines, coupons, envelopes, direct mail ads, flyers, school/office/computer paper, phone books, paperback, and hardcover books are accepted.

Please note: No tissue paper, napkins, or paper towels are accepted. Throw these in the garbage. Shredded paper must be bagged.


Maximum size is 2 feet by 4 feet and must be flattened. Paper bags, gift boxes, and food boxes can be put in with the cardboard. All must be clean and dry.

Glass, Tin Cans, Plastics Mixed

  • Clear, green, and amber glass will be accepted.
    Please note: No light bulbs, window glass, or mirrors will be accepted.
  • All tin cans will be accepted (cat/dog food, soup cans, etc.). All cans must be washed and dried. Pie tins, aluminum foil, and soda cans are also accepted.
  • Only plastics with the HDPE#s 1 to 7 in the triangle on the bottom will be accepted.
    Please note: No oil containers, plastic bags, toys, or hangers.

Plastic Bags

All clean plastic bags can be recycled. There is a barrel by the mixed recycling bin to put them in.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent Bulbs can be brought to the Transfer Station Office for recycling.

Propane Tanks

20 pound tanks - $3 each.

Household Batteries

Rechargeable batteries may be placed in designated areas. Alkaline batteries can be thrown in the trash. They are not recyclable.


  • Passenger and light truck tires on or off rim - $6
  • Tractor-trailer tires on or off rim - $30.
  • Loader and other oversize tires on or off the rim - $60.

Yard Waste

Leaves and grass may be loose or in the brown biodegradable bags. Tree limbs maximum of 4 feet in length, up to 16 inches in diameter. No stumps allowed. No charge for the brush from residents.

Business Landscapers / Tree Services

Brush and yard waste charged by the weight; $70 per ton, $3.50 minimum for 100 lbs. or less. Tree limbs maximum of 4 feet in length, up to 16 inches in diameter. No stumps allowed.

Garden Mulch

Garden mulch produced by the Town's yard waste collection and composting program is available without charge to Town residents at the Transfer Station who choose to load their own by hand or for a $4 per yard fee for us to load with our loader into your truck or trailer.