2022 Comprehensive Plan

Town of Guilderland Demographic & Growth Analysis 1990 to 2020

The Town of Guilderland has changed in a variety of ways since the last Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2001. Like other towns in the region, the town has experienced changes in population, housing development, the local economy, and the diversity of residents. This report, prepared by the Capital District Regional Planning Commission (CDRPC), provides analysis of the changes Guilderland has experienced over the past thirty years, which will provide context for how the town will plan for future changes, particularly related to the 2022 Comprehensive Plan update.

View the CDRPC Final Report - Town of Guilderland (PDF).

Town of Guilderland 2022 Comprehensive Plan Update

The Town of Guilderland is updating the Town's 2001 Comprehensive Plan. At its meeting on June 21st, the Town Board approved the issuance of a Request of Proposals for consultants to assist with updating the Comprehensive Plan Update. The Request for Proposals is due on July 29, 2022 at 3 pm Please review the Comprehensive Plan Update Request of Proposals below for detailed instructions on what is required for this RFP.

Below is a tentative schedule for this Request for Proposals (RFP):

  • June 22, 2022 - Release of RPF
  • July 8, 2022 - Deadline for questions
  • July 19, 2022 - Question responses and/or addenda to RRP
  • July 29, 2022 - Proposal submission deadline

View the Town of Guilderland Comprehensive Plan Update Request For Proposals (PDF).