Albany Country Club - Country Hamlet Development

Wormer Road / Relyea Road

The Albany Country Club ("Applicant") has made a formal submittal for a proposed Country Hamlet development. The Albany Country Club encompasses approximately 860 acres of land, of which 779 acres +/- is located in the Rural Agricultural (RA3) District and 81.3 acres +/- is located in the Single-Family Residential (R20) District. The lands located in the R20 District is the site of the former Weatherfield Phase IV Planned Unit Development (PUD), which permitted the development of 24 townhome units and 33 single-family lots. In October 2019 the Albany Country Club requested the Town Board's approval of a withdrawal of the PUD zoning for Weatherfield Phase IV. The zoning reverted back to the original R20 zoning, which existed prior to the approval of the Weatherfield PUD in 1973. As part of the proposed Country Hamlet the Applicant is proposing to offer the lands located within the R20 District to the Town as a town park.


The following is a summary of the proposed Albany Country Club Country Hamlet Development:

A total of 254 Units are proposed, with a breakdown as follows:

  • 88 single-family lots
  • 116 townhome units
  • 50 multi-family units

The Applicant is proposing 192 acres of land in the development proposal to be rezoned to the Country Hamlet District. The Applicant is proposing 203 acres of deed-restricted open space land between the area of the country club/golf course and Normanskill. A 25' wide easement for trail purposes is proposed linking the Country Hamlet development to the Normanskill and Nott Road Park. The Applicant is proposing to convey 5.4 acres of land that abuts Nott Road Park to the Town for park purposes. The Applicant is proposing to convey 81.3 acres of land (former Weatherfield Phase IV) to the Town for a Town Park. The Applicant is proposing to install pedestrian trails throughout the development.

Albany Country Club Application Materials