Criminal Court

The Guilderland Town Court has Trial Jurisdiction over Misdemeanors or Violations arising out of incidents which are alleged to have occurred in the Town of Guilderland. The Town Court also has Preliminary Jurisdiction over Felony cases. At the first court appearance, which is called the Arraignment, the Judge advises the defendant of the charges pending in the Court and what his/her rights are. If the defendant cannot afford an attorney, he or she can apply for the services of the Public Defender.

Public Defender: 518-447-7150
Conflict Defender: 518-447-5532

Criminal Court is held on Thursdays at 5:30 pm, please arrive in a timely manner.


CDTA provides transportation on Thursday evenings for Criminal Court. CDTA shuttle bus (Route #811) will depart from Crossgates Mall at 4:45pm and arrive at Guilderland Town Court at 5:00 pm. The return trip will leave Guilderland Town Court at 7:30 pm and arrive at Crossgates Mall at 7:46 pm.