Can I pay my taxes in installments?

In general, taxes cannot be made in installments. This is an option that would have to be adopted first by Albany County, and then by the Town of Guilderland and School Districts. If it were to be adopted by the school districts, all four school districts within the Town would have to adopt it. However, Senior Citizens who currently have a Senior Citizen's Exemption, Section 467 of the Real Property Tax Law, (not to be confused with the STAR Exemption), can make installment payments on the General Property Tax bill in January. It has to be made in two equal installments, the first not later than February 1, and, provided that the first installment has been paid, the second, with interest as determined pursuant to Section 924-a, shall be paid prior to April 1. Again, this is the only type of installment payment that can be made. It applies only to residents who currently have a Senior Citizen (Aged) Exemption and only on the January General Tax bill.

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