Coronavirus (COVID-19) Five Hundred Fifty-Fifth Update

Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Dear Guilderland residents:

In an update today, Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy reported that there were 57 new positive cases yesterday and that the County’s COVID-19 pandemic total was 27,512.  The County’s five-day average of new positive cases decreased from 79.6 to 73.8 cases.  Of today’s new cases, 17 persons reported close contact with a positive case, 31 persons reported no known source of infection, two persons reported out-of-state travel, and seven persons either resided or worked in a congregate setting.  There are 443 active cases, a decrease of 11 since yesterday.  There are now 752 persons in quarantine, a decrease of 10.  So far, 86,833 people have completed quarantine of which 27,069 had tested positive and recovered.  
The County reported that there were four COVID-19 hospitalizations overnight and that there are now 34 hospitalized County residents, a decrease of two.  There are now nine ICU patients, an increase of one.  The County reported the death of a woman in her 50’s which raised the County’s COVID-19 cumulative death toll to 400.  The County Executive added:
Tragically I have to report another Albany County resident losing their life to COVID, the second death in as many days.  Unfortunately, there have now been 400 deaths since the pandemic started, and I’m extending my condolences to every family who has lost someone, especially those who are grieving today.
As we continue to see the virus taking lives, it becomes that much more urgent that we get more people vaccinated to ensure they’re as protected as possible.  Our most recent data continues to show that the vast majority of those hospitalized with COVID are unvaccinated.  Among the 34 county residents who are hospitalized, 71% are not vaccinated, 3% are partially vaccinated and 26% were fully vaccinated.
State DOH reported that 70.5% of the County’s total population and 81.5% of the adult population has received at least one vaccine dose.  The State’s one-dose vaccination rate using CDC data is 69.2% of the total population and 81.7% of adults. 
State DOH’s COVID-19 dashboard reported 117,753 statewide test results that were 4,098 or 3.5% positive, with the seven-day average remaining at 3.2% and the 14-day average remaining at 3.2%.  The Capital Region’s reported results for 4,093 tests were 213 or 5.2% positive, with the seven-day average remaining at 4.4% and the 14-day average remaining at 4.5%.  Albany County’s reported results for 803 tests were 48 or 6.0% positive, with the seven-day average decreasing to 4.4% and the 14-day average remaining at 4.5%. 
In her COVID-19 update today, Governor Hochul reported that yesterday’s State-wide test results had a positive rate of 3.48%.  The State’s data included hospitalizations (2,476, +85), new admissions (296), ICU patients (552, +8), intubated patients (279, -3), and 28 deaths.  
The CDC continues to report that Albany County has a “high” infection rate, with a seven-day daily average of 148.28 positive cases per 100,000 residents.  The nation is at 248 and the State is at 173.  All 50 states remain at “high” rates of infection with 100 or more positive cases per 100,000 residents, except for California (95), Connecticut (84), and Vermont (66), which have “substantial” transmission rates.   
On Tuesday, September 21, from 1pm to 6pm, at Town Hall, State Senator Michelle Hinchey is holding a mobile office where you can meet one-on-one with the Senator’s staff to ask questions or seek assistance about state-related issues, share concerns about State government, or local matters.  It is one of Senator Hinchey’s many mobile opportunities in town and village halls throughout her sprawling senate district, spanning five counties, and nearly 2,000 square miles.  Please note that facemasks are required in indoor public spaces at Town Hall regardless of vaccination status. 
Thank you for staying safe and calm.
Peter G. Barber                                                                                                            
Town Supervisor