Land Use Advisory Committee

The Land Use Advisory Committee was created with the adoption of the new Zoning Code.   The Committee members are appointed each January by the Town Board.  The Committee members include Town residents, land use professionals, and Town employees.   At the request of the Town Board or Town Supervisor, the Committee provides an advisory opinion to the Town Board on rezone applications or amendments to the Zoning Code or Zoning Map.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Nancy Levis (518) 356-1980 ext. 1022

Committee Members

Name Title
Kenneth Brownell Chair
Hon. Peter G. Barber Member
Hon. Lee Carman Member
Jacqueline Coons Member
Donald Csaposs Member
Ted Danz Member
Stephen Feeney Member
Hank LaBarba Member
Thomas Remmert Member
James Runko Member
Mary Elizabeth Slevin Member
Michelle Viola-Straight Member
William Young Member