Dog Park Information

Dog Park

Hours of Operation:

8:00 am to Dusk

From late October until April, one section of the park will be lit until 7:00 pm.

Directions to Park:

From Rte. 20 take Rte.  155 South past Farnsworth Middle School, Nott Road will be on the right hand side.  Take a right onto Nott Road.  Once on Nott Road, the park entrance will be on the left.  Proceed into the park and veer left.  The dog park will be straight ahead.


Dog park tags cost $5.00 per year.  Your dog must be registered with the Town Clerk's office in order to obtain a dog park tag. 


Usage is restricted to Town of Guilderland residents with current dog licenses.  Dog licenses are available at the Town Clerk's office at Town Hall (go to Town Clerk's web page under License and Permit Requirements for fees and forms).

Current dog license is required.  Dogs must wear a collar with license and permit tag at all times.

Owners must clean up after their dog and deposit feces in the appropriate container.  Littering is prohibited.

Owners must accompany and supervise their dogs at all times and are legally responsible for the actions and behavior of their dogs.  Dogs must be leashed outside the exercise area. Owners must have a leash available in the exercise area.

Children under 10 are not permitted to use the dog park.  Children 10-17 must be accompanied by an adult.  Running with or chasing dogs is prohibited.

Dogs in heat are PROHIBITED.

Dogs with a history of aggressive behavior are prohibited when other dogs are in the park.  If at anytime a dog shows any sign of being dangerous towards people or other dogs, the dog shall be immediately removed.

Habitual barking that unreasonably disturb any person (other then the dog owner) is prohibited.

Rawhide, Dog Treats, and Food are PROHIBITED.

Owners must stop their dog from digging and holes must be filled.

Dog-training classes are PROHIBITED.

No more than 2 dogs per owner are allowed at one time.

Puppies under 4 months old are not allowed.

Town park rules also apply within the dog park.