Stormwater Management

Message From Stormwater:

Sediment washing into streams is one of the largest water quality problems in New York. Sediment can kill or weaken fish and other organisms and adversely impact aquatic habitat.

On most construction sites, vegetation that holds the soil in place and protects it from erosive forces of rain runoff is removed. During rainfall or snowmelt, the exposed soil may be easily eroded and transported to nearby streams, lakes or wetlands.

One of the many ways that can help prevent this problem, is to install stabilization fence (silt fence), around the work zone to prevent erosion.

Water Conserving Landscape

Information on Outdoor Water Conservation:

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Keep Our Water Safe and Clean:

Remember, it is up to each one of us to do our part to protect the environment, be a good neighbor, and to comply with the law. For additional information regarding the discharge of water from swimming pools and other water problems requiring permits contact the storm water officer at the Guilderland Highway Department (518) 356-1980 ext. 1072 or Region 4 NYSDEC office at (518) 367-2380.

Staff Contacts

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Ken (Buddy) D'Arpino Stormwater Control Officer