Somewhat Frequent Questions & Other Items of Interest

By Peter G. Barber, Town Supervisor
Town Seal

The Town has added Somewhat Frequent Questions & Other Items of Interest as a new source for sharing information based upon resident questions by phone, email or at meetings.  The goal is to provide more indepth background about a wide-variety of topics in one page editions which should occur on a monthly or as needed basis.  Please review other FAQs on the website for more common questions of interest.

The Town's Response to Climate Change (October 2019)

The first topic is the “Town’s Response to Climate Change” which details the Town’s current and planned actions, including commitments to sustainable energy and climate-smart development.  The Town has also launched web pages devoted to the Town's expanding environmental initiatives.

The Comprehensive Plan Process (November 2019)

The second Somewhat Frequent Questions & Other Items of Interest concerns the Town's Comprehensive Plan, including an explanation of its development, its nine neighborhood studies and other components, and possible next steps in the Comprehensive Plan process.

The Destructive Impact of Invasive Species on Open Space (February 2020)

The third edition of Somewhat Frequest Questions & Other Items of Interest involves the devestating and growing negative impact of invasive species on the Town's open space and parklands.   The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission devote substantial resources combating the harmful effects of invasive species.