Supervisor's November 2017 Notes

November is a relatively quiet time in Town parks with hiking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas still open.  The Western Turnpike Golf Course is in excellent condition with year-end specials.  When (or if) snow arrives, the golf course is where you can find the Town’s cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails which extend into the adjacent Tawasentha Park.  Sledding takes place at the Winter Recreation Area, a short distance south of the Tawasentha Park entrance.

November is peak time for leaf raking.  You can download the Town schedule for leaf vacuuming by street on the Town’s Highway Department website.  Please help the Highway Department crew by keeping leaf piles off the street by raking leaves to the edge of the lawn.  When operating the vacuum, Highway Department crews try to stay as far to the right as possible to allow for the safe passage of vehicles.   To vacuum leaf piles on the street, the trucks have to move toward the middle of the street which narrows the ability of vehicles, including school buses, to safely pass.   Piles of leaves on the street also reduce the visibility of children, and heavy rains clog stormwater drains which can cause street flooding and higher maintenance costs.  Please help the Highway Department’s hard working crew to safely perform their work by keeping leaf piles on the edge of the grass and off the street. 

November is the first month of restricted parking on Town streets.  To provide for the safe passage of school buses, emergency vehicles, and highway trucks due to accumulated snow and dark conditions, no parking is permitted on Town roads from November 1 to April 1 between 2 am and 7 am.  On certain streets, there are also posted signs that limit parking to specific days and times.  These restrictions help maintain a safe environment by allowing the timely arrival of life saving services to residents.

I am very pleased to report that the Town recently signed agreements with the State to receive $2,750,000 in grant funds for stormwater drainage improvements in McKownville.  These grants were obtained by State Senator George Amedore and Assemblyperson Patricia Fahy.  The agreements will allow the Town to design and construct a new stormwater management system that will alleviate recurring flooding of homes and properties. After design work this winter, we anticipate starting construction in June 2018, with a projected completion in December 2019.  To extend the benefits of the new stormwater system to the greatest extent possible, the project will include the Water Department’s replacement of aging water lines and relocating water lines from back yards to the street.  To stretch grant dollars, the Highway Department will use its newly acquired equipment to repave the impacted streets.  

I am also privileged to announce that the Town and the Guilderland Chamber of Commerce recently launched the “Guilderland Hometown Heroes Program” which will honor residents who are veterans or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces.  Each of the planned 28 banners will honor a service member by including their name, branch of service and photo.   Individuals, families, businesses or organizations may sponsor a banner at a cost of $150 per banner.  The Town will purchase the brackets for the banners.   An opening ceremony will take place in the spring of 2018 with the banners displayed from spring through fall of 2018 on light poles at Tawasentha Park and at the Guilderland Public Library.  At the conclusion of the season in November, each banner will be retired and presented to families and sponsors at a closing reception.   If you are interested in sponsoring a banner, applications are available online at  For more information, please call the Chamber at (518) 456-6611 or Parks & Recreation at (518) 456-3150.

I also draw your attention to “Take Me Home,” a free program to assist families with the care of persons with special needs.  The program, which is sponsored by the Guilderland Police Department, allows families and caregivers to enroll loved ones who may be unable to speak, live alone, become easily disoriented, tend to wander, or are unable to identify themselves.  The enrollment includes a photo and description of the person, the type of disability, and emergency contact information.  The enrolled person can also be provided with an identification card with helpful information.  The information is kept in a secure location which is accessible by police officers.  If an officer finds someone who is unable to communicate or appears disoriented, the officer can search the database and help return the person home.  The information can also be used by the police to locate an enrolled person.   If you are interested in this program, please contact the Police Department at (518) 356-1501or visit its website at, for more details and an enrollment form. 

I want to thank the Highway Department for recently regrading the crest in Hurst Road which has been the site of tragic fatal motor vehicle accidents.   The work was professionally performed and left a gentle slope. 

On Thursday, November 9th at 7:00 pm, the Town Board held a public hearing on the 2018 final budget.   Information about the proposed budget is available on the Town’s website.  On Friday, November 10th, Town offices will be closed in observance of Veterans’ Day.   Please take the time to remember and thank the women and men who served their country.  Town offices are closed for the Thanksgiving holiday on November 23rd and 24th

Thank you again for taking the time to read these notes.

Peter G. Barber, Town Supervisor