Traffic Safety Committee

The goals and objectives of the committee are to:

  • correlate informational pathways between the public and the committee, police department and highway departments.
  • address public concern for neighborhood traffic issues by making recommendations to the town board and / or town highway department.
  • seek public input and response to possible course of action to address concerns.
  • educate the public about how to go about expressing concern.
  • apply to the Albany County Traffic Safety Board for state or federal grant money to conduct necessary traffic studies or to implement safety measures to address traffic issues.

It is also the goal of this committee to collect and review concerns and issues and make recommendations to the town board, traffic engineers, or highway department, get input from neighborhoods and residents, and to create a filing system for pending, active and closed issues.

Committee Members

Name Title
Deputy Chief Curtis Cox Chair
Laura Barry Member
Robert Haver Highway Dept. Liaison
Ken Kennedy Member
Minnie Lee Member
Patricia Slavick Town Board Liaison
Ellen Manning Member
William Warner Member