Transfer Station Fees & Information


Payment Options:

Cash or Check (Driver's License Required)
Credit/Debit Cards Not Accepted For Household And/Or Recyclables

Household Kitchen Garbage And/Or Recyclables:

Cash or check only at the booth.

Senior(60 and older) Per Trip Per Household:$6.00 each
Non-Senior Per Trip Per Household:

$7.00 each

Volunteer Firefighter/EMS Per Trip Per Household$3.00 each

Demolition:(you may use debit/credit card. You pay the associated fees)

Charged by the Weight$135.00 per ton; $6.75 minimum for 100 lbs. or less
Contractors & Businesses $135.00 per ton; $6.75 minimum for 100 lbs. or less


Appliances, furniture, building materials, things cleaned out of the basement, attic or garage.

Passenger and light truck tires on or off rim $6.00
Tractor trailer tires on or off rim $30.00.
Loader and other oversize tires on or off rim $60.00.


VCR's, DVD players, Radios, telephones, computers, ...etc. are free of charge. These items can be dropped off anytime the Transfer Station is open.

All computer monitors and TV's regardless of type(CRT or flat screen) are $20.00 each all sizes.

Brush and yard waste charged by the weight; $70.00 per ton, $3.50 minimum for 100 lbs. or less. Nothing over 16 inches in diameter accepted. NO STUMPS ALLOWED.